Worry While Organizing

Organize Something to Worry Less

Many of us have more free time now than we normally do.  This may be because of cancelled work, meetings, church or other activities, exercise programs or any number of activities that we participate in.  But given that this available time is as a result of mandated closures due to the coronavirus, we may not be all that happy with having extra time.  Are you worrying too much about things you have no control over?

What is one thing you have been wanting to try but have never gotten around to?  Are there books you have been wanting to read or Netflix shows you would like to watch?  Or maybe there are places that you would like to clean, organize or declutter in your house. 

Are you worrying excessively?  

I recently heard a podcast by Life Coach, Brooke Castillo that was extremely helpful to me.  She suggested that we schedule our times to worry, instead of worrying constantly.  One very productive way she suggested was to worry while you are organizing something.  It could be your junk drawer, part of your kitchen or part of your closet.  Castillo advised to set aside one hour to organize one distinct area and then do your worrying while you are organizing this area.  

I want to declutter and better organize the books and materials in my office.  I also want to organize the many photos, both physical and digital, that I have.  I found a podcast episode about how to organize digital photos by The Maximized Minimalist.   So I plan to set aside time over the few weeks to do both of these tasks. 

If your wardrobe is one of the main areas you need to declutter and organize, I suggest reading the book Project 333 by Courtney Carver.  This book is about Carver’s experiment with living with significantly fewer clothes as a means to simplify and destress her life.  I don’t live with as few clothes as Carver does, but this book has inspired me to downsize my wardrobe a lot and only keep those clothes I really love and feel good in.  

Worry While You are Organizing

While I am organizing, I will also worry.  If a worry comes up outside this time, then I will write the worry down to get it out of my head and then think about it at the next organizing time.  

Brooke Castillo has written a book called Self Coaching 101 which could be useful to help learn to control thoughts and feelings.  I encourage you to try some of these suggestions out. If you do, please leave a comment and me know how it works for you.  

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