Pulling Weeds

How sin and bad habits are comparable to weeds.

I am a world-class weed puller. 

If you don’t believe it, just ask my husband.  When I see a nicely manicured landscape with one or two weeds in the middle, I feel compelled to stop and pull them.  

Vegetable and flower gardeners know how important it is to weed on a regular basis.  If you don’t pull weeds when they are small, then they will almost certainly take over your garden and yard. 

There are a number of small weeds like the one in the picture in our yard.  They have sharp thorns in them.  I can pull them by hand if they are small, but I wear gloves because the thorns are sharp and can easily scratch.  Unfortunately, this plant travels underground and has extensive roots, so even though I pull up one, the root system is still there.  If I don’t come back every few weeks and weed again, there are more and more popping up.

These small weeds become huge vines if they are ignored.  The second photo is of one of these same types of weeds in the woods near our house.  The vines are currently about 10 feet tall and the thorns are huge.  

This weed is a greenbrier. They have huge and extensive roots.  Even if you pull it out it is very hard to eradicate because it spreads underground and getting all of the roots is difficult. 

“The field is the world, and the good seed is the sons of the kingdom. The weeds are the sons of the evil one.”

Matthew 13:38

Sin and Weeds

Our lives are like a yard with good plants and weeds.  Just as my yard will never be rid of weeds entirely, my life here on earth will never be fully without sin.  But like it is easy to pull out and kill weeds when they are small, it is relatively easy to extinguish sins when they are small and new.  But we have to be diligent and led by the Holy Spirit to see our sins and then pluck them out. If you ignore them they can grow to the size of the massive thorny vine. Then you may not be able to kill them without severe consequences or even death. 

Bad Habits and Weeds

Similarly, we may have bad habits that are not sins when they are minor, but can become major problems if allowed to grow. The occasional poor food choices can cause health problems over time if unhealthy food is eaten consistently. Skipping one day of exercise is fine, but when exercise is ignored for months or years, then other health problems can ensue.

What “weeds” in your life may the Lord be asking you to pull?

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