Persistence to Improve Your Health

Persistence in Health

Do you remember the movie Network?  In it one of the characters has the line “I’m mad as h*** and I’m not going to take this anymore.”  This is the type of persistence (without this cuss word) that we will often need about our health.  Given the state of our food culture and our environment, as well as aging, most people will have a decline in their health over time.  

I first reached the “I’m not going to take this anymore” moment in the spring of 2008.  This was when I finally had it with daily unrelenting headaches and intestinal pains that had been occurring for over a year.  Although I had a number of tests, the doctors reached no definitive conclusion as to the cause.  Finally, my GP suggested I eliminate gluten and that reduced my symptoms substantially.  As I continued to investigate and make changes, my health improved. 

Then in 2017 I reached another “not going to take this anymore” milestone.  I had been suffering from fatigue for a number of years.  All of the doctors I saw said I had adrenal fatigue, but nothing they suggested from supplements to resting really made any permanent difference. At the same time, I began to experience an increasing number of heart palpitations.  At the urging of both my husband and my friend Carolyn, I consulted with a cardiologist and they found an atrial septal defect (hole in the heart) that was congenital.  After several procedures this has been repaired.  My fatigue is gone, my blood pressure is normal and my heart is working normally.  But this took persistence on my part to not ignore the symptoms.

Short or Long Term Symptoms 

Runny noses, coughing and a slight fever can indicate you have a cold or flu virus.  Those symptoms will be gone in a week or so if you are a generally healthy person. 

Muscle aches that occur the day after you started a new weight lifting routine or you raked leaves all day should be gone in a day or so. Symptoms that persist beyond a short period of time are the body’s way of telling you that something more serious may be wrong. Taking medications that simply suppress symptoms are not the way to go. Instead you should investigate to get to the root cause of the symptoms.

How to Show Persistence with Continuing Symptoms

  1. Evaluate your diet to make sure you are making healthy choices.  The article “Ginger’s Food Rules” gives my basic suggestions for healthy eating everyone should follow.  Eating the right amounts and types of whole foods can make a huge positive difference to your health.

  2. Evaluate your other lifestyle choices to make sure they are healthy. 

     a. Are you exercising on a regular basis?  Doctors recommend that all adults get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day 5 days per week for 150 total minutes.  This article discusses a bit more about healthy eating and exercising. 

     b. Are you sleeping well?   Most adults need 7 or more hours per night of sound, uninterrupted sleep.  

    c. Are you overstressed?  Emotional stress can be a contributor to many health conditions.  This article gives a few good ideas for helping you manage stress.  

  3. If you are following these healthy nutrition and lifestyle practices, then consider seeing a medical professional if your symptoms do not go away after a period of time. It may take persistence on your part but continue until you find the cause. 

About two months ago I had an intestinal infection that lasted a few days.  Since that time I have continued to have symptoms. Because I am following healthy lifestyle practices, I recently went to the doctor. I am now in the process of having testing done to figure out the cause. I will persist until they do. 

When you have any symptoms that continue longer than a few weeks, first evaluate your eating and lifestyle practices. If you are practicing good ones, then persist in seeking professional help to uncover the cause.

If you would like guidance on your eating practices, contact mefor a free 20-minute phone consultation.  

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