Health-Related Book Recommendations: PT 2

Book recommendations

My last post gave a number of different book recommendations in several categories. I have read more during July. Here are a few health-related books that readers of my blog may be interested in as well.

The Whole 30’s Food Freedom Forever by Melissa Hartwig is a sequel to her extremely popular The Whole 30. I have skimmed that book, but have never done the diet nor recommended it to clients. This book will work with any food plan. Hartwig gives many ideas about how to incorporate healthy eating into your life forever. If you find yourself alternating between eating healthy and then eating junk food, this may be the book for you.

Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All the Odds by Kelly Turner is a report about people who unexpectedly recovered from cancer. She studied over 1000 cases and extensively interviewed 100 of those people. From her analysis of their information, there were nine common factors in their survival and that each of these individuals had adopted at least eight of them. Two of these are nutrition changes and supplements, which I plan to discuss in my August article for Bella magazine. If you or a loved one has cancer I highly recommend this book.

Another cancer-related book is Breathe Again: How to Live Well When Life Falls Apart. Niki Hardy was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer only a short time after both her mother and sister had both died of cancer. Even though she was (and is) a strong Christian she began questioning her faith. This book would be helpful for any person who is going through difficulty, whether cancer or not. Hardy asks all of the hard questions and handles them with helpful, Biblical and empathetic answers. Each chapter concludes with a prayer and an application section.  This book would be a great help to any Christian going through a tough time. This quote from the book best sums it up: “At the heart of this book is my encouragement that thriving–living the full abundant life God has for us–is possible right in the middle of our heartache, tragedy, and yearning.”

Have you read any good health-related books recently? Please leave your book recommendations in the comment section.

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