Fast Food and Food Sensitivities

fast food and food sensitivities

My husband came home from work recently and asked me if I would like to go out to Jimmy Johns for dinner.  I was ready to cook but had not started yet.  I had been out working most of the day at my volunteer job at Lifechoices and was feeling a bit tired.  I was eating clean recently.  Fast food, processed food and sugar had been eliminated.

I decided to go to Jimmy Johns, see how a sub tasted to me and how it made me feel.

Why Jimmy Johns?  I recently learned they had gluten-free bread available and had told Doug.  He remembered and made the suggestion. I haven’t had a sub since I went gluten-free almost 10 years ago and decided to try.  I got a Philly Cheese Steak sub on a gluten-free roll and we came home to eat.

How was it?  It tasted okay, but not fantastic.  Because of eating fresh foods for so long, my taste buds have changed.  The processed beef and cheese did not have lots of flavor.  Iceberg lettuce and mass produced conventional tomatoes are bland.  Gluten-free bread is crumbly and pasty  compared to the best wheat bread.

A little while after I finished my sandwich I noticed a slight headache.  Then my throat and ears began to hurt and a pimple popped out on the corner of my mouth.  I was having an allergic reaction to the food!  The next morning my nose was slightly stuffy and runny and my mouth was tingling.  These were more allergic reactions.

Are you having any regular symptoms? Use my story and the steps below to learn what foods may be contributing to your problems.
  1. Notice how you feel.

    Before we went to Jimmy Johns I did not have any symptoms at all. Therefore I knew that those which occurred after dinner were from the food.  Before you eat a meal, notice if you are having any symptoms.  Then after you eat, take note again.  If you have any new symptoms, then write them down and what you had for your meal.

  2. Note your symptoms the next morning.

    Often food sensitivities cause delayed responses.  Some of these may occur many hours or even a day or two after the food is eaten.  If you suspect something you ate for dinner may be a problem food, notice if there are any changes in how you feel in the morning.

  3. Keep a running log of your meals and your symptoms.

    If you are unsure if you have any problem foods or what those foods are, then this step is essential.  If you have a symptom that comes and goes, check your log out to see if there are any commonalities to the meals.  By investigating, you may be able to identify allergenic foods.

  4. Your problem food may be one ingredient in a fast food.

    When I first began to eat gluten-free, I used many gluten-free processed foods.  My headaches and intestinal pains substantially cleared at that point.  As I went along, I noticed that I would have some symptoms, although not as bad, when I ate some foods but not others.  By reading labels I determined that I also had sensitivities to soy and corn.  These have subsequently been confirmed with allergy testing.  When I eliminated most processed foods, especially those with soy and corn, I felt fine.

  5. Choose to avoid your allergenic foods.

    The next morning, I looked up the brand of sub roll that I ate.   The ingredients for it include corn.  This probably caused most of my symptoms after eating the sub.  Jimmy Johns’ food caused me some minor allergic symptoms.  It is not the most nutritious food, nor was the taste spectacular.  Therefore, I will avoid eating this again if possible.  The overall experience was not worth the symptoms.

Knowledge is power.  Now I have the power to choose what to eat and where.   I also know what I will likely feel after each meal.  You can do this too.  These articles give you more information about food allergies and food sensitivities.

If you think what you are eating may be causing negative symptoms for you, contact me for a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation to discuss your situation.

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