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Banana Nut Paleo Muffins

These paleo muffins are free of refined grains, dairy and processed sugar. Try them as a snack or as part of a healthy breakfast. Check out the recipe page of my website for more healthy recipes! Ingredients 2 cups blanched almond flour3 tablespoons coconut flour1 teaspoon baking soda2 teaspoons cinnamon¼ teaspoon sea salt 2 large eggs, […]

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The BEST Grain-Free Blueberry Muffins

I have made many different grain-free muffin and bread recipes and this is by far the best I have found. The combination of almond and coconut flours plus baking powder makes for light and fluffy muffins that do not crumble. Check out The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook for more wonderful gluten and dairy-free recipes. Ingredients2 […]

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Carrot Cake Energy Balls

   There are lots of articles, recipes and pictures of sugary treats. It can be hard not to indulge, especially if you have a sweet tooth like I do. Why not try this recipe for a healthy snack that tastes like carrot cake?  This recipe is easy as long as you have a food processor. […]

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Paleo Honey Biscuits

As most of my readers know, I have to eat both gluten-free and dairy-free due to severe food sensitivities. I do not eat bread for the most part, but sometimes I really want some type of bread or crackers. I recently made these great biscuits that are made with almond and coconut flours. This makes […]

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Strawberries (and a Recipe, too)

 Strawberries are my favorite fruit. They are also George Mateljan’s favorite fruit. Who?? George Mateljan, the author of The World’s Healthiest Foods and the website, rated strawberries as the most nutrient-rich fruit. In this book he rates 100 commonly eaten whole foods according to how many nutrients each type of food supplies per calorie. […]

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Yummy Cool Cucumbers

 Cucumbers are coming in to season now and I love them! Because of imports, it is possible to purchase fresh cucumbers at the grocery store year round. However, when they are out of season the price is much higher due to extra shipping costs. In addition, they have much less flavor and have many fewer […]

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Healthy Homemade Junior Mints

Junior Mints were one of my favorite types of candy for a long time.  Sitting in a darkened  theater and slowly eating each piece one bite at a time while the movie theater credits rolled by, is a cherished memory from childhood.  Once I began eating real food and found out about the problems with […]

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