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Eat me!!!  Eat me!!!   Have you ever felt that call from the pantry or the refrigerator?  Well I sure have. I find that dark chocolate is particularly hard to resist.  I got a couple of the large size dark chocolate bars as presents one Christmas.  And, as much as I wanted to only eat […]

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Organize Something to Worry Less

Many of us have more free time now than we normally do.  This may be because of cancelled work, meetings, church or other activities, exercise programs or any number of activities that we participate in.  But given that this available time is as a result of mandated closures due to the coronavirus, we may not be all […]

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Resolutions, Goals and Habits

For 2019 I decided to set goals for a “happiness project”.  For accountability purposes, this article will be an update on how I did. This may also give you some ideas for helping you succeed with your goals. I wrote about my “happiness project” in the article, Goals, Resolutions and Happiness last January. If you need some ideas […]

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How to Change An Unhealthy Habit

“A nail is driven out by another nail; habit is overcome by habit.”  Erasmus I read this quote in a book written by a friend in Aiken, Peggy Wojtowicz.  Her book, Joy on High Places, is a memoir about how God transformed her life in many ways including her eating habits. Habit Change is Hard. […]

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