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Organize Something to Worry Less

Many of us have more free time now than we normally do.  This may be because of cancelled work, meetings, church or other activities, exercise programs or any number of activities that we participate in.  But given that this available time is as a result of mandated closures due to the coronavirus, we may not be all […]

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Resolutions, Goals and Habits

For 2019 I decided to set goals for a “happiness project”.  For accountability purposes, this article will be an update on how I did. This may also give you some ideas for helping you succeed with your goals. I wrote about my “happiness project” in the article, Goals, Resolutions and Happiness last January. If you need some ideas […]

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Stress Management Tips

Did you know that excessive stress has been associated with a number of negative health consequences?  Stress can cause or exacerbate cancer, cardiovascular diseases and even Alzheimer’s disease.  If you have any chronic disease, it is important to reduce as many external stressors as possible.  Even healthy people should learn stress management. This past spring […]

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Five Tips to Make Healthy Eating Simpler

“Living a healthy life in this society is hard!”  My friend and trainer, Carolyn McCoy, exclaimed this to me last week as were discussing some of the ups and downs in our previous week.  Carolyn is right.  Almost everything about healthy eating and living goes against the culture of 21st century America.  People are encouraged […]

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Health-Related Book Recommendations: PT 2

My last post gave a number of different book recommendations in several categories. I have read more during July. Here are a few health-related books that readers of my blog may be interested in as well. The Whole 30’s Food Freedom Forever by Melissa Hartwig is a sequel to her extremely popular The Whole 30. […]

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Book Recommendations

Summer is time for pleasure reading for many of us. I always have at least one ready to read when I am finished with my current book. Recently I began keeping track of the books I read on a site called Goodreads. I rate the books I read and write reviews for many of them. […]

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Book Review: The Essential Oils Diet

I am a longtime reader of Dr. Eric Zelinski’s website and his previous book The Essential Oils Revolution, so I was very interested to read his new book, The Essential Oils Diet.  As a certified nutritionist I am very well educated in healthy eating and living principles.  I am always on the lookout for new […]

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Pulling Weeds

I am a world-class weed puller.  If you don’t believe it, just ask my husband.  When I see a nicely manicured landscape with one or two weeds in the middle, I feel compelled to stop and pull them.   Vegetable and flower gardeners know how important it is to weed on a regular basis.  If […]

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