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Habit Stacking for Change

As I have talked with many people about nutrition, I learned that they usually know what they should eat. Their problem is actually doing it.  They are not sure how to make the change to a healthy eating habit.  I have been making a study of habit change in order to help others.  My word for the […]

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Fasting for Faith and Health

When I was a child it was the custom in my family and in my church to “give something up for Lent.” This was most often a food, such as candy or soft drinks.  The couple of years that I gave up candy for Lent, the candy that I got in my basket on Easter Sunday […]

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Persistence to Improve Your Health

Do you remember the movie Network?  In it one of the characters has the line “I’m mad as h*** and I’m not going to take this anymore.”  This is the type of persistence (without this cuss word) that we will often need about our health.  Given the state of our food culture and our environment, as well as aging, […]

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Trees,Topsoil and People

When we went to Alaska last summer I noticed that the trees were very short.  I learned that this is because to permafrost.  There is very little topsoil there. The plants only have a 100-day growth period per year because of the cold and snow.  Some trees even fall over because of their lack of root structure, due […]

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Five Tips to Keeping your Goals for 2019

It’s mid-January. Have your goals or resolutions for 2019 already failed?  If so, don’t beat yourself up.  You are in good company.  According to a recent article in the New York Times, by January 8, 25% of resolutions have failed and by the end of December only 10% will have been fully kept. I set a number of goals […]

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Healthy Gluten-Free Eating on a Budget

Is it possible to eat on a budget while also eating gluten-free? Since 2008 I have been eating gluten free for health reasons.  At first I was overwhelmed but now know that you can eat a healthy gluten-free diet without breaking the bank. As a nutritionist who specializes in gluten and other food sensitivities, I […]

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Traveling with Dietary Restrictions

I have made three multi-day trips out of town since the later part of May.  My daughter and I went to visit my son in Denver.  I went with a church group to Lake Junaluska, NC, and my husband and I went to Hilton Head Island, SC.   My husband and I are also taking a […]

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Sugar, Friend or Foe?

I read the book, Fat Chance, by Robert Lustig, M.D. as part of my preparation for the Seven-Day Sugar Elimination Challenge. Dr. Lustig is a pediatric endocrinologist who has specialized in obesity and is famous for a You Tube video called “Sugar, the Bitter Truth”. This video has over 7.6million views and if you have […]

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