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Can you Save Money AND Eat Healthier?

Many news reports cite the top two New Year’s resolutions as losing weight and saving more money. In most years weight loss has been the most popular goal. Given the difficult economy in the past few months, saving money has doubtless topped eating healthier as number one. But can you save money and eat healthier? After […]

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You have probably heard the term BYOB.  It means “bring your own bottle”, and it refers to a party where you, as the guest, are supposed to bring your choice of alcoholic beverage if you want to drink.  Recently I heard a variation on that term: BYOF.  It stands for “bring your own food”.  Dr. […]

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Buy Willpower at the Store

Eat me!!!  Eat me!!!   Have you ever felt that call from the pantry or the refrigerator?  Well I sure have. I find that dark chocolate is particularly hard to resist.  I got a couple of the large size dark chocolate bars as presents one Christmas.  And, as much as I wanted to only eat […]

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We Manage What We Monitor

We manage what we monitor is a term Gretchen Rubin coined in her book about habit change Better than Before. In nutrition, it is common practice to ask people to log their food intake for a period of time. Dieters are often told to keep a food journal to increase their awareness of what they are […]

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How to Eat to Reduce Inflammation

I took Pilates group classes twice a week at South Aiken Physical Therapy and Wellness for about a year.  If the workout was especially hard, then I might feel a bit sore in my back, abdominal, or glute muscles.  This type of inflammation is good for our bodies. The people in my Pilates class and other classes offered at […]

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Are Some Whole Foods Unhealthy?

“Do you not see that whatever goes into a person from the outside cannot defile him, since it enters not his heart but his stomach, and is expelled? (Thus he declared all foods clean.) Mark 7:18b-19 In the Old Testament God decreed that some foods were unclean and therefore should not be eaten by faithful […]

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Short vs. Long-Term Happiness and Processed Foods

Diabetes.   Heart disease.  Cancer.  Stroke. Alzheimer’s.  Kidney Disease.  These are the major causes of death and chronic illness in the U.S. today.  In previous generations these chronic diseases were a rarity.  Did you know that eating large amounts of processed foods is highly correlated with the likelihood of developing each of these diseases?  Diet and other lifestyle factors are much more important than […]

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Fighting about Fat: Facts and Fallacies

Nutrition professionals and government officials have been fighting about fat since the 1960’s. Ansel Keys was a researcher who was interested in understanding the contributing factors to heart disease, and he wrote a famous report called the Seven Countries Study.  In this study he showed that there was a positive relationship between the amount of animal fat […]

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