buy willpower at the store

Buy Willpower at the Store

Eat me!!!  Eat me!!!  

Have you ever felt that call from the pantry or the refrigerator?  Well I sure have. I find that dark chocolate is particularly hard to resist.  I got a couple of the large size dark chocolate bars as presents one Christmas.  And, as much as I wanted to only eat one small square per day and savor each bite, I ate half a bar at a time. 

So much for my healthy eating.  

One of my clients told me that she had a similar problem over the holidays.  This person is diabetic and knows she needs to severely limit sweets and processed foods.  In the past year she discovered and eliminated a number of allergic foods and began a healthier way of eating.  As a result she lost 18 pounds without effort and was feeling much better in many ways.  Then a relative moved in with their family and bought a number of sweet snacks that my client could not resist.  

So she didn’t. 

My client then gained 10 pounds, lost her energy and many of the health improvements she had formerly seen began to reverse.  

Buy willpower at the store!  

I heard this phrase on the Optimize podcast.  This means you should purchase only those foods and beverages which are healthy for you. Then if you feel a craving coming on, it will be less likely that you will over indulge in a poor food choice.  If I don’t have chocolate bars in the house, but I do have dates, raisins, apples or oranges, I will most likely eat some fruit. My craving will be reduced and I probably won’t drive to the store for chocolate.

Another way to buy willpower at the store is to purchase the ingredients for a treat; make it, and then freeze all but one or two servings.  I often do this with gluten-free cookies or muffins.  I make a batch of 12 to 24, but only keep out one or two.  Then I freeze the rest in single portions and pull one out of the freezer to defrost for a treat.  That works for me.  

So what did my client do? 

She realized that she could not have those snack foods in her sight so she asked her relative to keep his snacks in his room.  He complied with her request. My client restarted her healthy eating plan and again began to lose weight. 

For more ideas for habit change, check out Gretchen Rubin’s great book Better Than Before.

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Comment below with your best eating habit change ideas.

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