Book Review: The Essential Oils Diet

Dr. Z Essential Oils

I am a longtime reader of Dr. Eric Zelinski’s website and his previous book The Essential Oils Revolution, so I was very interested to read his new book, The Essential Oils Diet.  As a certified nutritionist I am very well educated in healthy eating and living principles.  I am always on the lookout for new books that will be of help to my nutrition clients and website readers.  There are some worthwhile things in this new book.

I agree with most of the nutrition principles in this book and I also agree that essential oils can be a helpful adjunct to a whole foods diet.  However, I do not agree that pasture-raised pork or wild caught shellfish are unhealthy foods.  There are many excellent nutrients in shellfish, especially, and as long as you get them from a healthy source they can be part of a healthy diet.  Animal foods, in general are not a problem in a healthy diet.  

This book is actually mis-titled in my opinion.  It is more of a healthy lifestyle and eating guide and not truly a diet book.  I would have appreciated a little more guidance for those who want to lose significant amounts of weight.  This book might not be very helpful to them in giving clear guidance.  I have found that most of my clients who need to lose weight benefit from a lower carbohydrate diet.  This book does not give good details on how to do a low carb diet and in fact, does not recommend it.  

The Zelinskis teach from a Christian viewpoint, which is great for me because I am Christian.  It might be offputting for some readers who are not aware of this, however.  There seem to be a lot of additional resources available on line as links from the book, but these were not yet available when I read the book, so I can’t comment on their usefulness.  The recipes are very good however.  

I recommend this book for someone who want to adopt a healthier lifestyle and may have a small amount of weight to lose.  For someone with serious health issues or a large amount of weight to lose, this book may not give you everything you need.  

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