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Are the foods you eat and your lifestyle practices helping you or hurting you?

Do you have some nagging digestive symptoms, headaches, skin problems, frequent infections, or more serious issues such as pre-diabetes, or an autoimmune condition. Did you know that the foods you eat and your lifestyle could be  contributing to these? Check out more on my site for spiritual encouragement and practical advice in nutrition, healthy lifestyle and habit change.  My most essential guidelines for a healthy diet can be found at the article on this site Ginger's Food Rules: The Seven Commandments for Healthy Eating. 

Do you eat whole foods and exercise but still have nagging health concerns?

I can help you identify the remaining problems in your diet and lifestyle and help you institute the habits needed to change.  Once your habits have changed your health also often improves significantly.

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Overwhelmed with trying to make healthy gluten and dairy free dinners?  Download this meal plan and recipe guide.  You will have an easy-to-follow plan for five dinners for the next week!

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