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These are articles I have written or podcasts I have been on. 

Aiken Bella Magazine monthly articles

December 2017 The "Math" of Good Health
November 2017 Seven Ways to Eat Healthy for the Holidays
October 2017 Fighting About Fat: Facts and Fallacies
September 2017  Can Food Make Your Seasonal Allergies Worse?
Summer 2017 Are You in the Top 9%?
May 2017 Could What you Eat be Causing Your Pain?
April 2017 Find Your Bigger Why to Maximize Your Health
March 2017 Fasting: For Faith and Health
February 2017 Detoxification: What It Is and Who Needs It
December 2016 Don't Let the Perfect Be the Enemy Of the Good
November 2016 How Should We Then Eat?
October 2016 Food Wars
September 2016 Why Eat Seasonally?

Aspiring Woman quarterly articles

April 2017 Should Christians Eat Like Daniel?

​Aiken Standard

Reducing Sugar Intake Can Benefit Health
Ways to Lead a More Natural, Cleaner Lifestyle
Stay Hydrated This Summer

First for Women magazine

"Eat Health and Save $$$!", January 23, 2017 Issue


Money MD Podcast Eating Healthy, Whole Foods on a Budget
Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons Podcast   
Make 2017 Your Healthiest Year Ever
Learn True Health Podcast
Episode 102:Could Your Symptoms be Food Allergies?