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Soulful Simplicity: Listening to Your Heart

“We don’t remove the clutter, reduce the stress, and boycott busyness to have a simple life.  We do it to have a life.” Courtney Carver from Soulful Simplicity  Courtney Carver is a blogger at the website Be More with Less.  She writes about simplicity, minimalism, intentional living and dressing with less.  I had read  Courtney’s […]

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Where’s the Beef? All about Protein

Do you remember the hilarious Wendy’s commercial with the old woman who yelled “Where’s the beef?”, picking on the small size of McDonalds’ burgers?  I still remember running around as a kid yelling “where’s the beef!” and then collapsing in laughter.  It irritated my parents, but we, like millions of others, remembered it much to […]

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Exercise for the Athletically-Challenged

​Athletically-challenged. That’s me.I was always the last one picked for the kickball teams at recess during elementary school. The only extracurricular team sport I ever participated in was my neighborhood swim team during the summer between fifth and sixth grades. I was slow and almost always finished dead-last in the races I swam in that […]

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